“Small Role, Big Wonder”: SRK Returns To Screen. Twitter Is Thrilled



'Small Role, Big Wonder': Shah Rukh Khan Returns To Big Screen With Rocketry. Twitter Is Thrilled

SRK in a still from the film. (courtesy: SRKsdaily)

New Delhi:

The release of Madhavan’s directorial debut Rocketry: The Nambi Effect is extra special, especially for Shah Rukh Khan fans as it marks SRK’s return to the big screen after 4 years. The actor has a guest appearance in the film. Shah Rukh Khan was last seen in the 2018 film Zero, co-starring Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif. Twitter was thrilled to see the actor back on screen after 4 long years and the jubilant mood of his fans clearly reflected in the many tweets dedicated to the actor on the social media platform. “Within few seconds of his role, he has reminded us once again that the actor in Shah Rukh Khan still lives,” wrote a fan of SRK.

Another fan added, “Shah Rukh Khan’s cameo in Rocketry: The Nambi Effect shows how impactful his presence is no matter how long or short is the duration.”

Similar thoughts echoed in another tweet that read: “Shah Rukh Khan’s presence in anything can make that thing look 100 times better! King for a reason! Glad to see him on big screens back. doesn’t matter the duration.”

Another fan’s POV: “Die or admit Shah Rukh Khan’s 10 minutes cameo in Rocketry The Nambi Effect is better than some people’s whole career.”

This is how another SRK fan summed up his cameo: “Small role, big wonder. Shah Rukh Khan makes you emotional with his short role His magic his aura is so realistic, his magnetic performance moist your eyes that’s how beautiful actor he is.”

This fan did quite the math to sum up just how much SRK was missed. “After 42 months,184 weeks, 1288 days, 30898 hours, 1853901 minutes, 111234082 seconds. Watching Shah Rukh Khan on big screen. Madhavan, thank you.”

“It surely looks like Shah Rukh Kha has done the magic again even after taking break for 4 years with his screen presence in the entire movie specially in the emotional scenes in the climax,” read another tweet.

During the promotions of the film, Madhavan revealed that neither SRK, nor Suriya (who featured in the Tamil version), charge any fee for their cameo appearances in the film. Madhavan told news agency PTI: “Be it Suriya or (Shah Rukh) Khan sahab, none of them charge any fee for the film. They didn’t even charge anything for the caravans, costumes, and assistants. Suriya flew out to shoot in Mumbai along with his crew on his own money. He didn’t even charge for the flights or for the dialogue writer who translated his lines in Tamil.”

Rocketry: The Nambi Effect released in Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, and Kannada on Friday.

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