Doctors Transferred From Lucknow Hospital, UP Minister Seeks Clarification



Doctors Transferred From Lucknow Hospital, UP Minister Seeks Clarification

Brajesh Pathak’s letter went viral on social media last night.


Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak has written to Additional Chief Secretary, Medical Health, seeking clarifications on recent reshuffle in the health department, saying the government’s policy on transfers was not followed.

Mr Pathak, who holds the department of medical and health, in his letter to the ACS highlighted the “shortcomings” in the transfers.

His letter went viral on social media last night.

“It has been brought to my notice that the transfer policy has not been fully followed in all the transfers done recently. Therefore, I have asked the ACS to provide all details of those who have been transferred and also explain the reason for transfers,” Mr Pathak told PTI on Tuesday.

He wrote the letter on Monday after receiving complaints on transfers in his department.

“I have also been apprised that the big hospitals located in Lucknow and other districts of the state where there is a dire need of specialist doctors, a large number of them have been removed but no replacement has been given in their place,” the deputy chief minister said.

Moreover, Lucknow being the capital of the state, serious patients from every district of the state are referred here, he stressed.

Mr Pathak, who was a cabinet minister during the first term (2017-2022) of the Yogi Adityanath-led BJP government, had also expressed displeasure during the second wave of covid pandemic in 2021 by writing a letter to the ACS, referring to the chaos in Lucknow.

He was made the Deputy Chief Minister in the second term of Adityanath government and got the responsibility of Medical Education, Medical and Health, Family Welfare and Maternal Child Welfare Department.

He has been inspecting and visiting hospitals to remove the shortcomings.

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