In Video, “Smuggled Cattle” Thrown From Truck In Dramatic Top-Speed Chase



The high-speed chase took place in Gurgaon’s Cyber City area early morning on Saturday.

New Delhi:

Five cattle smugglers were arrested from Gurugram near Delhi after a 22 km high-speed chase that involved the accused drive their truck with deflated tires and throw the animals out of the running vehicle as they were chased around the city.

Few country-made guns and live bullets were also recovered from the cow smugglers, officials added, giving details of the operation which took place in Gurugaon’s Cyber ​​City area early morning on Saturday.

The chase, officials said, started after the cow smugglers sped the vehicle when they were asked to stop while entering Gurugram from the Delhi border. The accused continued to drive the vehicle at high speed even as the tires of their vehicle were punctured by the cow vigilantes.

At several points during the 22 km chase, the smugglers threw the smuggled cows out of the running vehicle, possibly to divert the attention of the cow vigilantes.

“These cow smugglers were caught after a chase of 22 kms. Illegal firearms and bullets were also recovered from their vehicle. After throwing all the cows, these cow smugglers were seen with folded hands. A team from Gurugram police has arrested the cow smugglers,” Ashok, a cow vigilante, told NDTV.

This is not the first time that cow smugglers have spread terror in Gurugram.

The Haryana government has made strict laws against cow smuggling and has also formed a Commission for the protection of cows but despite these initiatives, cattle smuggling has been rising in the state.

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