Athletics Federation Of India Joins Global Outreach Campaign

The Athletic Federation of India (AFI) on Tuesday announced their support for World Athletics’ global outreach campaign ‘Global Conversation for the Future of Athletics’. The campaign aims to gather feedback and decide on future strategy for athletics across the globe. It “offers the opportunity for all those with an active interest in the sport to share their opinion on the steps that need to be taken by World Athletics and its 214 Member Federations, including India,” AFI said in its statement.

“Today is a monumental day in the future of global Athletics. As the international governing body, we want to base our future plans on the experiences and knowledge of our vast Athletics community, and it is only right that we give everyone with an active interest in our sport the chance to give their views and insights,” World Athletics president Sebastian Coe was quoted as saying on the launch of the campaign.

“We are in a remarkable period of change in society, and one that presents challenges but also new opportunities for Athletics. By taking stock, and listening to all those involved with Athletics at every level, we can ensure that together, we are ready to fulfil such opportunities and continue to strive,” he added.

“The Global Conversation for the Future of Athletics is a pertinent forum that has been developed by World Athletics. The Athletics Federation of India stands to benefit a great deal from this global feedback mechanism as we aim to promote and nurture the athletics ecosystem here in India in our endeavour to take it a notch higher,” AFI president Adille Sumariwalla was quoted as saying in the statement.

“Together with our athletes, coaches and stakeholders, this platform will provide all the right insights and best practices that will help us embrace contemporary methods to ensure the country’s vast talent pool is tapped at the right time.”


The result of the feedback, once compiled, will be the establishment of the World Plan for World Athletics 2022-30, which will set out the roadmap for the growth and development of athletics during the eight-year period.

For AFI, “the outreach campaign offers a unique opportunity to find key areas of growth for the sport in India”, the statement said.

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