Watch: Cristiano Ronaldo Opens Up Tragic Death Of His Baby Son

In a series of snippets from Cristiano Ronaldo‘s interview with British journalist Piers Morgan, the Manchester United striker has opened up on a plethora of topics. From criticising the club’s owners, the Glazers, for their lack of effort in making the club a sporting success to admitting that his manager Erik Ten Hag doesn’t respect him, Ronaldo has made some explosive comments. In the latest video released by Piers Morgan, the Portuguese star opened up on one of the most difficult times of his life, the death of his baby son.

Ronaldo’s partner Georgina Rodríguez was to give birth to twins – a boy and a girl – but the boy died during childbirth while the girl survived. The tragic incident happened in April this year.

“It is probably the worst moment that has passed through my life since my father died,” Ronaldo said in the interview.

“When you have a kid, you expect that everything will be normal. And when you have that problem, it’s hard. As human beings, me and Georgina had quite difficult moments, because we don’t understand why it happened to us. It was difficult, to be honest, it was very, very difficult to understand what was going on in that period of our life,” he added.

Ronaldo said that he was happy and sad at the same time as his newborn daughter had come into his life but a newborn son couldn’t survive.

“I try to explain sometimes to my family and close friends,” Ronaldo added. “They say, ‘I never felt to be happy and sad in the same moment.'”

“It’s hard to explain — so difficult — You don’t know if you cry, you don’t know if you smile, Because it’s something you don’t know how to react. You don’t know what to do to be honest.”

So far, only parts of Ronaldo’s 90-minute interview with Piers have been released on social media. The full interview will reportedly be shared in two phases – on Wednesday and Thursday.

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