Watch: Shastri Bowls In Nets As KP Gives Masterclass On How To Play Spin

Watch: Ravi Shastri Bowls In Nets As Kevin Pietersen Gives Masterclass On How To Play Spin

Ravi Shastri bowls at Kevin Pietersen during a shoot for Sky Sports

Former India head coach Ravi Shastri is doing commentary for Sky Sports for the 5th Test between India and England at Edgbaston along with the likes of former England captains Kevin Pietersen and Nasser Hussain. In the middle of his commentary duties, the three men also found time to shoot a how to play spin bowling masterclass for the broadcaster.

Sky Sports Cricket on Monday shared a video where Kevin Pietersen is seen giving a masterclass on how play spin bowling. Hussain can be seen holding the mic and doing the job of the presenter.

While Shastri can be seen bowling his famous left arm orthodox at Pietersen.

The clip is a delight for cricket fans as Pietersen can be seen explaining in detail how batters can actually score against spinners and not just block them

He also talks about the ideal stance and how batters can look to play off both the front foot and back foot to score runs.


Hussain also chipped in with what he though was the ideal interception point of batters against spinners and how it showed the difference between great players and others.

“I’m looking for the length and I’m making sure that every single shot is actually a run-making shot,” explained Pietersen during the video.

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