Twitter Saw Highest Traffic on the Day of Queen’s Demise: Details

Twitter witnessed the maximum number of conversations ever on its microblogging platform on September 8, the day when the Royal Family announced the passing away of Queen Elizabeth II. Twitter also announced that over 11.1 million tweets were posted on the same day about the Queen’s demise. The social media firm added that the Royal Family’s official Twitter handle was the 4th most mentioned account on the same day, while the most retweeted post so far is the announcement by Queen’s family. It was previously also reported that Twitter was down for several users on the night of September 8.

The San Francisco-based social media company has announced that Twitter saw the highest ever volume of conversations on September 8, when the Royal Family shared the news of Queen Elizabeth II’s demise. The company also said that over 11.1 million tweets about the Queen were posted on the same day, while the Royal Family’s (@RoyalFamily) Twitter handle was the 4th most mentioned account on the website.

Twitter added that since September 8, there have been over 30.2 million tweets about the Queen. The company highlighted that there were over 1 million tweets about the queues, and the hashtag ‘Queue for the Queen’ topped the list within the conversation. Lastly, the top retweeted tweet so far on the platform has been the Royal Family’s announcement about the Queen Elizabeth II’s passing away, according to Twitter.

According to a recent report by Reuters, the Google searches with the word “queue” in UK peaked at around 6am local time on September 8. Some users reportedly dubbed the queue for the Queen as the “mother of all queues”. Additionally, the flight transporting Queen Elizabeth II’s corpse form Edinburgh to London became the most tracked flight in history, the report highlighted.

On the night Queen Elizabeth II’s demise was communicated by the Royal Family, Twitter was down for several users. However, there might be no direct co-relation between the two. There were over two thousand users who reported that they were not able to access the microblogging website. Fortunately, Twitter was working fine in India for most users, and only about 600 users reported that they were unable to visit the website.

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