No Late-Night Calls Or Foul Language, Loan Recovery Agents Beware: RBI



No Late-Night Calls Or Foul Language, Loan Recovery Agents Beware: RBI

Loan recovery agents calling at odd hours or using foul language is unacceptable, said Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Shaktikanta Das on Friday.

Here Is Your 5-Point Guide To What The RBI Governor Said:

  1. “In the context of customer service, another area which is engaging the attention of the RBI is the harsh recovery methods used by certain lenders, without having adequate checks and controls over their recovery agents,” Mr Das said at a banking event.

  2. “We have received complaints of customers being contacted by recovery agents at odd hours, even past midnight. There are also complaints of recovery agents using foul language. Such kind of actions by recovery agents are unacceptable and pose a reputational risk for the financial entities themselves,” he said.

  3. “We have taken serious note of such instances and will not hesitate to take stringent action in cases involving regulated entities. Such complaints against unregulated entities will have to be taken up with appropriate law enforcement agencies,” Mr Das said.

  4. “RBI will address this issue seriously regarding regulated entities, while if we receive complaints regarding unregulated entities, we pass them on to law enforcement agencies. However, we will not hesitate to take stringent action against such complaints,” the RBI Governor said. 

  5. He added that “banks have been sensitised about such actions and though they take action, every day is a new challenge, and we urge all lenders and banks to pay special attention to this area as customer interface has to be under certain parameters”.

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