Caught On Camera: Man Arrested In US After Hour-Long Chase Ends In Crash



Caught On Camera: Man Arrested In US After Hour-Long GTA-Style Chase Ends In Crash

The chase ended after hour and a half.

A man led the police in California on a long and dangerous chase through multiple counties on Wednesday during a desperate attempt to get away. The man was finally taken into custody after several crashes, a carjacking and police resorting to firing, according to the dramatic video that is gaining traction on social media. The pursuit began after a black sedan was flagged during a routine traffic stop in Orange County but the driver refused to yield, according to a report in New York Post.

The driver, whose identity has not been revealed by the police, then tried to get away, swerving erratically through the streets of Anaheim, the second-largest city in Orange County, the Post said in its report.

Watch the video of the man’s arrest:

In one dramatic moment, the driver jumped out of the sedan and tried to steal a parked pickup truck. When he couldn’t, he hopped back into the sedan and sped off.

The suspect then parked the car in a residential complex, left the sedan and tried to leave in a white van. But the police cruise immediately pulled behind the van, trapping the driver. The man, however, refused to give up and hit reverse on the stolen vehicle smashing into the cruiser again and again till he had enough space to speed away again.

The helicopter footage further showed the man driving dangerously until the van lost one of its rear tyres, leading to sparks coming out of the car as he kept speeding, said the outlet.

He then ditched the stolen vehicle and entered a family’s home through the back door. According to ABC7 report, the family members fought with him in the driveway after he stole the keys to their utility truck. He smashed through the front gate and took off once again, the outlet further said.

The nearly hour and a half chase ended after the utility truck crashed at a gas station and was rammed by a police cruiser.

The cops finally got the man out by smashing the windows and taking him into custody.

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