Man Wiped Out Boss’ Family Over Failed Job Promotion, Arrested: Report



Man Who Killed Boss' Family In US Over Failed Job Promotion Arrested After 8 Years: Report

Fang Lu was arrested minutes after he landed in US.

A man who killed the entire family of his boss in the United States’ Houston eight years ago has been arrested. Fang Lu was arrested on September 11, moments after he arrived from China, according to Houston Chronicle. The massacre took place on January 30, 2014, when the bodies of Maoye Sun, 50, MeiXie Sun, 49, Timothy Sun, 9, and Titus Sun, 7, were found is separate bedrooms with bullet holes. The police have now revealed the chilling motive behind the killing.

The police said after the arrest of Fang Lu wiped out the entire family because the 58-year-old was mad that Maoye, his superior at work, did not recommend him for a promotion, the outlet further said.

According to the court documents filed by the police, Fang wanted to be transferred to the research and development section of the company where he worked and asked Maoye to put a good word in.

But when he reached the office, Fang observed his co-workers behaving differently with him and suspected that Maoye said something derogatory about him.

He further thought that this may have been the reason he did not get the promotion, according to documents obtained by Houston Chronicle.

The investigators zeroed in on Fang after going through his statements about the gun, which they said were conflicting.

His wife told investigators that Fang had a dispute with Maoye about the promotion. She also expressed “disbelief” after the investigators told her that Fang bought a firearm.

DNA analysis final nail in the coffin

Fang had told the investigators that he was angry with Maoye over the incident, but kept denying he had any role in the killings. 

The Daily Beast reported that the forensic team found DNA mixtures from a Coach purse they recovered at the Sun family home. The samples matched with Fang, but by the time the results came, he had already returned home to his native China.

The investigators thought they will never be able to arrest Fang, but it happened when he landed at California airport.

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