Musk Fires Twitter Employees For Speaking Negatively About Him On Slack



Elon Musk Fires Twitter Employees For Speaking Negatively About Him On Slack

Several employees confirmed the layoff on their verified accounts.

Employees who criticised Elon Musk either on the social network or in its internal Slack messaging system were fired overnight via email on Tuesday. 

Taking to the micro-blogging website, several employees confirmed the layoff on their verified accounts. One employee even shared a screenshot of the mail he received from Twitter HR, stating that their “recent behaviours violated company policy”. 

“Looks like i just got fired for s*** posting too,” wrote another user in response to another person who said that had been let go. 

One affected employee, who had reportedly pushed back on Mr Musk’s tweets blaming performance issues on Twitter’s architecture, also tweeted saying that he was “officially fired” by the company, despite spending 12 “amazing years and 3 weeks of chaos”. 

It is still not clear how many employees had been let go in the latest firing, however, as per NBC News, it is estimated that it could be as high as 20. 

This comes after Mr Musk tweeted on Monday that he had fired at least one engineer who publicly criticised him on Twitter. The “Chief Twit” had posted an apology for Twitter being “super slow” in several countries, saying that the app is doing “>1000 poorly batched RPCs just to render timelines”. However, Eric Frohnhoefer, a developer who said he has worked on Twitter for Android for years, responded to Mr Musk’s tweet by saying that his assessment was wrong.

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The tech billionaire then asked him what is the correct figure and what have the developers done to fix it. Soon reactions started pouring in. There were developers who supported Mr Frohnhoefer, others he should have informed his boss “privately”. But the developer responded, “Maybe he should ask questions privately. Maybe using Slack or email.”

One user then tagged the new Twitter chief asking if he wants the person with “this kind of attitude” on your team. Mr Musk then responded to the same thread saying, “He’s fired”. 

Twitter has been thrown into chaos since Mr Musk took over late last month. He has let go off about half of all Twitter employees in a bid to cut costs. The billionaire also rapidly changed the corporate culture. 

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He introduced a number of controversial features, like charging $8 for verified handles, banning parody accounts and killing the grey “official” check for organisations and eminent personalities. But most of the changes were rolled back after people started misusing them, with the “Chief Twit” saying that the platform will make a lot of “dumb mistakes” in the coming week.

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