Pervez Musharraf Unlikely To Return As Key Drug Unavailable In Pakistan



Pervez Musharraf Unlikely To Return As Key Drug Unavailable In Pakistan

Pervez Musharraf is suffering from is called Amyloidosis. (FILE)


Pakistan’s former military leader Pervez Musharraf is likely to stay in Dubai, his family has hinted as the required medical facilities were unavailable in Pakistan.

“An uninterrupted supply and administration of experimental drug Daratumumab needed alongside associated treatment of Amyloidosis that are currently not available in Pakistan,” read a message from the family on Twitter..

The message read, “Communication has been received from the official and unofficial channels that return home will be facilitated. We sincerely appreciate these overtures since Pakistan is home.”

“Family has to consider significant medical, legal and security challenges,” the tweet read.

Musharraf has been hospitalized for the last three weeks due to health-related complications, ARY News reported.

On Twitter, Musharaf’s family refuted reports that he is on the ventilator and said he is going through a difficult stage of recovery as his organs are malfunctioning.

Besides, it was reported last week that the former military leader was expected to return to Pakistan via an air ambulance and his treatment would continue in the country after the ex-dictator’s health deteriorated last week, reported Geo News.

An air ambulance will bring Musharraf back from a Dubai hospital given the consent of his family and doctors, the report added.

The aliment Musharraf is suffering from is called Amyloidosis. It is a rare form of condition caused by a build-up of an abnormal protein called amyloid in organs and tissues throughout the body.

The build-up of amyloid proteins (deposits) can make it difficult for the organs and tissues to work properly. Without treatment, this can lead to organ failure, according to National Health Service, UK.

Since 2016, Musharraf has been living in the UAE when he was allowed to travel abroad on bail for medical treatment. At the time, he was being tried in Pakistan on treason charges which got later overturned by a high court ruling.

After the news of Musharraf’s ill health, Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N), a major stakeholder in the coalition government, and the military leadership had said that the former president should be brought to the country if he wants to come back, reported Geo News.

Musharaf seized power in a military coup in 1999, ousting the then-elected government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. He later declared himself president and went on to rule Pakistan until after his political allies lost the 2008 general elections, forcing him to step down to avoid impeachment by the new parliament.

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