Promotional Tweet From Former Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani Shocks Internet



Promotional Tweet From Former Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani Shocks Internet

Twitter users slammed Rudy Giuliani for posting the promotional tweet.

A tweet posted on the official Twitter handle of Rudy Giuliani has shocked the users of the platform. The tweet carries a photo of sandals being sold at a discounted price on a particular website and urges users to buy from there.

“Great products at reasonable prices. Use code Rudy for additional savings,” says the text accompanying the photo on Mr Giuliani’s tweet posted at 7.35 am (IST) on Friday.

The “promotional offer” says that brand new sandals are available at $49.98 instead of the regular price of $79.98.

Twitter users gave been left stunned by the post, which has been re-tweeted by nearly 2,000 people. Many of them have slammed Mr Giuliani.

“Dude got patted in the back so hard that he’s tweeting spam ads,” commented on user.

“Mea culpa here: I know I’ve criticized Democratic fundraising pitches as of late. What we really need is comfortable footwear. And a graphic designer who is on ivermectin,” said another.

“This man was the mayor of New York lol,” tweeted H3 Podcast host Ethan Klein.

Other users wondered if this was some kind of a joke.

Mr Giuliani, once a top New York prosecutor and then mayor of the city, was a personal lawyer for former US President Donald Trump when he was impeached in December 2019 for seeking political help from Ukraine.

He is facing the heat over violence at the US Capitol in January last year, after the defeat of Mr Trump. A Democratic congressman filed a lawsuit against Mr Trump, his son and Mr Giuliani for allegedly inciting the crowd that had gathered at the Capitol Hill months after results of the presidential election in which Joe Biden emerged victorious.

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