Ukraine Says Russian Offensive In Donbas Like World War 2 Movies



Ukraine Says Russian Offensive In Donbas Like World War 2 Movies

Ukraine War: Some villages and towns do not exist anymore in Donbas, Ukraine minister said.


Ukraine’s Foreign Affairs Minister Dmytro Kuleba on Wednesday said the war in the city of Donbas is as bad as those people might have seen in movies on the second world war and also blamed Russia’s blocking of Ukrainian foodgrain shipments for the food crisis being faced by the entire world.

”Some villages and towns do not exist anymore. It is devastating out there,” he said at a press conference here during the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2022.

”One of the key issues I have discussed here in Davos is weapons. Russia overwhelms us with the weapons they have got,” he told reporters.

”Also, we have talked about the sanctions. We are upset to say the least that six of the sanction systems of European Union are hanging in balance due to a defacto veto system,” he said.

The clear reason why the world is facing a food crisis is because Russia is blocking our food shipments at the ports, Kuleba said.

The minister said he is more concerned about sanctions than weapons at the moment. He also warned that Europe may face a war if Russia remains like it is today.

Kuleba also said that he has not heard of any initiative proposed by Russia on creating a safe corridor for the food shipments stuck at Ukraine ports.

According to him, it is a matter of food security for the entire world and any safe passage would first require de-mining of the harbours which were mined by Russia itself. He also said there is no guarantee that once the safe passage is created, Russia would not violate the conditions of the passage.

”Trust is a big issue with Russia. There are many security issues associated with it, but we are ready to consider all proposals as we do not want in anyway to be responsible for the food crisis for the entire world. But, the question remains that should we trust Russia,” Kuleba said.

Asked whether he believes that the war can end through diplomacy, he said all wars end through diplomacy but the intentions of Russia raise the questions when they have launched such a devastating offensive in the city of Donbas.

Vladimir Putin is offering Russian passports to people in areas they have captured and such things are not done when one is interested in negotiations, the minister said.

On financial support from other countries, he said what is being talked about is micro financial assistance and not plain financing and he is not interested in simply taking away money of taxpayers in friendly countries.

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