US Passenger Drives To Airport To Book Tickets After 4-Hour Wait On Phone



US Passenger Drives To Airport To Book Tickets After 4-Hour Wait On Phone

The passenger tried to book the ticket online but couldn’t due to the rush.

An American Airlines passenger experienced one of the worst scenarios while trying to book his flight tickets. Brian Driver, a radio station manager, decided to drive to the airport after the customer care left him on hold for four hours.

Mr Driver wanted to book the flight tickets again after his business trip to Denver ended two days early in the week of Father’s Day.

On June 16, he tried to change the flight on the airline’s website, according to Wall Street Journal. When he couldn’t, Mr Driver tried on American Airline’s mobile application but the result was same.

He then came in contact with an agent on chat who rebooked his flight, but couldn’t change his preferred seat.

This happened on a day when American Airlines had either cancelled or delayed more than 10,000 flights, according to Independent.

He called America Airlines only to be told by an automated voice to call back again because the phone line are flooded with complaints.

Mr Driver called the airline again next day (a Saturday) and spent three hours 45 minutes on hold.

Frustrated by all this, the customer then decided to drive to Denver International Airport. After a 45-minute drive, he reached the airport and managed to speak to American Airlines staff that made the changes according to his requirements.

“This has been by far the worst airline call center experience I’ve ever had,” he told The Wall Street Journal.

A spokesperson of the airline said in a statement to the outlet that hold times in mid-June were the highest it has seen over the last several weeks and were caused by “widespread weather and ATC (air-traffic control) issues.”

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